Politically Incorrect and Proud American!

If we allow the enemies of Truth to control the words we use to talk issues, Truth will be the first loser in the debate.

Speaking of truth, if you enjoyed the old TV show “Candid Camera”, you’re going to be amazed at the candid videos at Project Veritas www.projectveritas.com  Imagine government officials and politicians revealing what they really think and what they’re doing when they think nobody’s watching, and saying it in their own words. If you watch one of their videos, you’ll have to watch them all!

Check out the analysis of the 2018 Florida Constitutional Amendments and my recommendations here.

Analysis of Sarasota County Charter Amendments are here.

The hyperbole surrounding the 2018 elections is deafening. When you boil it down to the bottom line, this is what it’s about: Your Vote Matters More Than You Think


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